A new edition of the Cary Bulletin has been published today in advance of the start of the new gardening season. You’ll notice a few changes. As most of the Friends are now receiving the Bulletin electronically the new edition contains more colour, more pictures and should read very well on your computer or tablet screens. For those of you who prefer the print edition, fear not, it has been sent to our printer and will be mailed to you, as usual, very shortly.

Another change is that, from this edition forward, we are putting the electronic version of the Cary Bulletin in the public section of the website. A few changes were made for privacy protection to allow this. This will make the Bulletin easier to download and easier to pass along the link to friends and colleagues across Canada and around the world. Feel free to share it liberally.

You can find the Bulletin on a new page below the “The Friends” menu item or just click here.

Enjoy – and spread the word.