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Victoria, British Columbia



June Roses

The Victorian Rose Garden with Kathleen Ferrier Roses in the foreground,
and the yellow Fairy Roses in the centreIMG_0375

A splash of colour in the Sunken Rose GardenIMG_0395

Garland Roses climbing towards the sky

The Trudeau Roses at Government House

photo of a rose bush
The Trudeau Roses in bloom at Government House

Photos from the gardens in March

A photo of white blossoms in the rhododendron garden
Blossoms in March


A photo of a tree trunk with a large, bulbous growth covered in tree bark.
An unusual growth on a Douglas Fir at Government House


Blushing Lucy

Blushing Lucy is in full bloom in the Victorian Rose Garden and putting on a spectacular display.

photo of a large pink rose bush


This Year’s Garlic Crop

Image of garlic curing at Government House

Brian Dellamore with this year’s garlic crop pulled today, now curing under the extension to the handsome Garden Shed built by Keith Bateman last year.

Himalayan Blue Poppy

An image of a Himalayan Blue Poppy at Government House

A View of the Duck Pond

image of fountain in the duck pond

The Gardens in Snow 2017

The gardens of Government House always look spectacular – even with the occasional snowfall.

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