The Cut Flower Garden is dominated by a magnificent London plane tree that provides shade for carpets of early spring bulbs and a variety of hellebores, primulas, skimmia, brunnera, epimediums and other shade loving plants. Sunnier areas are planted with herbaceous perennials including hardy geraniums, artemisia ‘Powis Castle’, iris pallida, romneyas and peonies. The rocky slopes are also home to assorted euphorbia species and a mass planting of potenilla ‘Abbotswood Silver’.

Shrubs of note include the rare acnistus australis, an unusual southern hemisphere plant adorned with beautiful bluebells for months every summer.

Plant choices are influenced by lower rainfall amounts and thus drought tolerant plants are used extensively. The foliage of variegated eleagnus and golden choisya brighten the shade and are resistant to deer. The purple blooms of allium giganteum make a strong statement here in early summer, followed by the dark blue flowers of salvias and sweeps of calla lilies and schizostylis.