Pearkes’ Peak is located immediately in front of Government House’s porte cochere and spans the area in front of the main drive up to the duck pond and the Rockland I border. It was named in honour of former Lieutenant Governor George Pearkes (1960-1968) who enjoyed donning his Wellington boots to clear and plant the area.

Pearkes’ Peak consists of three rocky outcroppings separated by grass and gravel paths. A wide variety of ornamental shrubs, native plants and bulbs complement the Garry Oaks that thrive in this garden.

The south side of the garden has two monuments. A statue of Sir James Douglas, the second Governor of the Colony of Vancouver Island the first Governor of the Colony of British Columbia, and Hosaqami, a Kwagiulth totem pole that was carved on site, dedicated and raised in 2012.

At the southwestern edge of the garden is a waterfall and a stone lantern presented to Government House by the International Rotary Club of Morioka, Japan, a sister city of Victoria.