The Rockland I border parallels Rockland Avenue from the fountain pond to the exit gate. This south facing location offers one of the most spectacular borders in British Columbia.

The planting includes hardy gingers, palms, dahlias, canna, fuschias and bananas. The bright flowers and dramatic foliage of these semi-tropical plants in combination with ornamental grasses and flowering bulbs bring an exotic flair to the sunny beds.

A signature plant is abutilon ‘Tiger Eye’ with its orange bells striped with red attracting comment throughout the summer.

At the eastern edge of this border, in the shade of a giant redwood is a quiet planting of unusual ferns, large leaf rhododendrons and a collection of silver astelia.

The nearby fountain pond is home to a resident duck population and is a favourite site for youngsters and photographers who delight in seeing newborn ducklings dart around these waters each spring.