The Rockland II border offers a cool contrast to the hot colours of Rockland I. Planned as a shade garden it has a strong framework of blue hydrangeas, rare rhododendrons and Japanese maples running along its length.

A lovely fern garden has been created at the western edge to take advantage of the deep shade. At the eastern edge silvers and whites of lavenders and hebes have been incorporated as that part of the garden has become sunnier. Carpets of spring bulbs and fragrant shrubs welcome visitors early in the season followed by hellebores, primulas, peonies and irises.

Foliage is as important as flowers and scent in Rockland II. Plants have been carefully chosen for leaf colour, size and texture. Large lustrous leaves of fatsia japonica and calla lilies contrast with smaller, finer textures and chartreuse foliage is used sparingly but to great effect.