The Winter Garden is located on the west side of the tradesmen’s entry driveway, between the Victorian Rose Garden and the Rotary International Garden of Friendship.
On entering the grounds, two Japanese maples greet visitors, one of which is a beautiful ‘Coral Bark’ maple. Quiet through the summer months the garden springs to life in October lead by the rich purple berries of the callicarpa shrub.

In November mahonias and the dainty single pink flowers of the sasanqua camellia begin to bloom. By Christmas hellebores, iris and primulas are in bloom followed by rhododendrons, corylopsis, witch hazels, daphnes, viburnums and honeysuckles.

A plant of special note in this garden is drimys winteri, a native of South America. This unusual small evergreen tree has loose clusters of creamy white jasmine scented flowers. The bark of this tree is said to have saved Captain Cook and his crew from scurvy.